Private walks for couples—$150, 3 hours

Getting to know each new couple and their story is one of my favorite aspects of my work as a wedding and elopement photographer, and I’m thrilled to be able to incorporate that into my business as a forest therapy guide. Whether you just started dating, or have been together for decades, a private forest bathing walk can be a wonderful way to reconnect with both nature and each other. And if you are getting married or eloping in Colorado, you might consider planning a forest bathing walk either just before or just after your celebration. Studies show that forest bathing may be associated with a reduction in blood pressure and stress hormones—all good things in the lead up or aftermath of a wedding or elopement.

Private walks for Events or Corporate Groups—Custom Pricing

In addition to my private couples walks, I also offer private forest bathing walks for corporate groups, families, and private events (such as wedding showers, birthdays, etc.). Please contact me with the details of your event, including the number of participants, and I will send you a custom quote.